Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Frients - Bawwww

Hello All

       My name is Kazzar, that is Doom Lord Kazzar to you good sir. I am the son of Kungen, and my mother is also the legendary Kungen. I was born to be a warrior. When i was just a young Kazzar i was known to attack my cat with the lit of a pot, screaming "SHIELD BASH". I was born in the small town of Teldrasil, where my dads showed me very little affection. Kungen would hit me with his shield, screaming in my face "SHIELD BASH". This is where i learn how to shield bash.

As I moved into my adolescent years i was known to run at people very fast, making a noise that resembled a jet engine, people were often stunned for a short period of time post 'charge'.

Now that I all grown up I have done many things, including:

  • Slay the Lich king.
  • Get carried by many well known heroes, including Stharia, Saithis and Ampznotvolts.
  • Lead a well known guild by the name of Wallbricks.
  • Be an all round warrior in all persuits of life.
This will be all. Thank you.